Friday, January 24, 2014

Quarter Quilt

I've been sewing hard since Christmas. With the weather so cold and snowy, I had a good excuse to stay in my sewing corner!

I couldn't help myself, I started another quilt. I know, I know, what about all those WIPs??Well, there are only about 5, no 6, better make that 7, waiting to be finished.  But when the idea strikes, you just have to roll with it.

I caught a glimpse of a quilt block on Happy Quilting that Melissa made back in May for the Between Heaven and Texas blog hop. You can see it here. I made some changes to suit my plans, and here is the result:

I'm happy with it so far. I guess I will need about 36 stars and 36 diamonds. I've made over 20 of each, so I'm moving along quite well. The zigzag border was an accident when I made dozens of HSTs with the aqua and background instead of dark grey. I really like the result.

I'm planning QAYG in four pieces. I'll get back to you on how that goes!

This month in our online Bee, Becky asked for Arkansas Traveler blocks in rainbow colours with low volume grey background.

They were a lot of fun to make, using the tutorial from Lee at Freshly Pieced, found here
The block is pieced and then the background is paper pieced in, giving a lovely precise result. Unless, like me, your printer messes up the block size without warning. 

Here are the blocks, the right size now!

Till next time,