Thursday, February 26, 2015

Truly Scrappy

I'm excited to be able to say that I've finished my scrap quilt. It is surprising that I managed to keep up the momentum and keep plugging away at it, instead of putting it aside and starting a new project! When you start doing the math, there is a considerable amount of work using up those scraps. Each block is made up of 4 sections and each section uses two strips of scraps. When I needed 8 more blocks, I needed 64 strips of scraps. At that point the strings that I sewed together to subcut were getting longer and longer, and so there was less variety in my last 8 blocks. I put them together carefully without repetition and scattered them throughout the whole quilt. I know they must be there somewhere, but I can't see them!

  The backing is from stash. I had enough of the paisley to back the whole thing, but I wanted to use the dark red fabric, so that went in too, as well as a small piece of teal background koi. It's just to make me smile!

As I commented in my last post, I'm determined to do all my own quilting now, so I rented time on the long arm, and went for it! It took a whole day - this quilt is BIG, 92" x 106" - and my back was sore when I finally finished, but it feels good to be successful.

Here's a close up of my quilting, I did an all over swirly pattern with double loops, and a sort of flowe in the white diamond areas. There are 56 of those, just saying! 

The binding is also from stash, a stripe in the main colours, red, pink, aqua and white. Just perfect!

I will finish with a pic of my new favourite on the bed, with a peek of the backing. Yay for a finish!!!

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