Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Finally a few finishes!

After taking a look at all my WIPs, I am really trying to have a few finishes.

One Advent calendar is nearly done. It's like bunting, and each day you undo the snap to get a picture.

I'm going to add Velcro fasteners on each side. Then each date can contain a very small treat , like stickers, without falling out the sides.

I finished a pillow cover.

One side is a picture done by my GD, printed onto fabric by Spoonflower. It's an underwater scene, so I quilted swirls around it.
The back is some of my collection of triangle scraps. It was surprisingly hard work to get it all put together and on point. I don 't think I'll be making a full size quilt like this anytime soon!

I finished the baby quilt and sent it on its way.

The backing is red Minky. I was worried about quilting it, but it turned out fine. It was more of a challenge putting on the binding. I love how soft the Minky is!

I'm pleased with my progress, now I just have to keep it up!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I've got crazy numbers of WIPs!

I seen to have overdone starting projects and somehow missed finishing anything. It's time to get a grip and smarten up! And any other rousing statements I can think of.  I have a real fellow feeling for the dog in UP who keeps getting distracted and shouting "Squirrel!" It's time to focus.

Fortunately I've got a quilt retreat this weekend, so I'm planning to finish a couple of things there.

I have two cute advent calendars from Spoonflower to make for the GDs. We are looking into an alternative to candy - one has little tree ornaments, the other makes bunting. They have to arrive before December 1st. Top of the list.

Next up, a baby quilt for a friend. It's a little girl, not yet born. I plan to send the quilt as soon as I can though. It's fun to have some new things early. She is a second child, and her parents have just moved house, so everyone is very busy. Should be a good time to get a quilt.

I plan to quilt the octagons with a couple of echoing circles and then diagonally through the pie shapes. Or something. I've got red Minky for the back, so I thought I'd do most of the quilting to the batting first and then put the backing on. Any thoughts on that? I understand Minky is hard to quilt on, being stretchy.

I spent a whole day trying layouts for my Hunter Stars. Originally I planned the traditional layout:

Many layouts later, I thought this looked nice:

Then on Monday morning, another brainstorm, and this is how it looks now:

Of course, there are problems. The second layout just needed triangles sewn dark to dark and light to light. I sewed about 50. They'll all have to come apart. Sigh. I've done the math, so I know how many squares of each colour I will need, and so the colour order may also need adjustment. I'll keep plugging away at this, no time constraint really.

More about my other WIPs in my next post. I need some coffee!

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