Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I've got crazy numbers of WIPs!

I seen to have overdone starting projects and somehow missed finishing anything. It's time to get a grip and smarten up! And any other rousing statements I can think of.  I have a real fellow feeling for the dog in UP who keeps getting distracted and shouting "Squirrel!" It's time to focus.

Fortunately I've got a quilt retreat this weekend, so I'm planning to finish a couple of things there.

I have two cute advent calendars from Spoonflower to make for the GDs. We are looking into an alternative to candy - one has little tree ornaments, the other makes bunting. They have to arrive before December 1st. Top of the list.

Next up, a baby quilt for a friend. It's a little girl, not yet born. I plan to send the quilt as soon as I can though. It's fun to have some new things early. She is a second child, and her parents have just moved house, so everyone is very busy. Should be a good time to get a quilt.

I plan to quilt the octagons with a couple of echoing circles and then diagonally through the pie shapes. Or something. I've got red Minky for the back, so I thought I'd do most of the quilting to the batting first and then put the backing on. Any thoughts on that? I understand Minky is hard to quilt on, being stretchy.

I spent a whole day trying layouts for my Hunter Stars. Originally I planned the traditional layout:

Many layouts later, I thought this looked nice:

Then on Monday morning, another brainstorm, and this is how it looks now:

Of course, there are problems. The second layout just needed triangles sewn dark to dark and light to light. I sewed about 50. They'll all have to come apart. Sigh. I've done the math, so I know how many squares of each colour I will need, and so the colour order may also need adjustment. I'll keep plugging away at this, no time constraint really.

More about my other WIPs in my next post. I need some coffee!

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  1. Ooh, I love the last layout! Even though it means more work!

  2. Minkee is stretchy but if you are careful not to stretch it, just smooth it out & clip it to a table or tape to the floor when layering everything, it should be fine. I use it on almost every baby quilt back and have honestly never had any problem with it. It quilts up beautifully. If you've never sewn with knits before, it may be a bit scary, but really there is nothing to it. Just be careful not to stretch it-just smooth it.

  3. I agree with heartease54. Quilt through the minky to keep it from stretching separately. Love the aqua and red hexagons.

  4. I love that first quilt project. What a perfect block. I also agree with Kate, the last layout is incredible. Sometimes the more work, the more appreciated the quilt becomes.


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