Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WIPs and finishes!

I've been busy working on my projects before going on my trip next month, so I have some pix to show.

At last the fundraiser quilt for my DD's school is finished. It's on display so the kids can enjoy their artwork, then it's going to be auctioned. Fingers crossed that it was worth the work. It took about 2 weeks to make.

My niece has just had a baby girl, so I decided to make a diaper bag. I got the pattern from here.
Here it is:

and here is a pic of the inside of the bag. Lots of pockets!

That's a centre divider that you can see down the middle.
I hope it will be useful.

I finished the March blocks for the Sew Bee Create group.

It's a 25 patch , all in shades of blue, and will make a very pretty postage stamp quilt. My pic doesn't do them justice.

and lastly I'm assembling all my stars from the Oh My Stars quiltalong.

This is it so far:

There's a lot more to put together, and now I've decided to make the quilt larger, so lots more stars to make too.
I'm happy with how it looks so far!

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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Pink Castle Bundle

Katy at I'm a Ginger Monkey is having a fun contest. You pick a palette of 12 fabrics from Pink Castle Fabrics, and make a mosaic of them. The winner gets that fabric bundle, plus the prestige of having it sold in the store to other admiring folks! How cool is that??

So I started choosing fabrics. Now my desktop is filled with possibilities, and it is surprisingly hard to pin down which I like the best. They are all so nice...

In the process of doing this, I found out a few things about my own preferences. I knew I liked coral, and I thought I would choose to pair it with turquoise, but I turned out to like it with a greener shade. Some of the fabric collections stood out for me,  Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket, (I love it!) and anything by Joel Dewberry. I like gray as a neutral. Brenda at Pink Castle has such a wide selection to choose from.

So, hours later, here it is, ta daaa!

The fabrics are, starting, you guessed it, at top left:

Pezzy prints in gray
1001 Peeps Sheherezade in orange
Ruby, Sundae Stripe in ruby and sherbet
Salt Air Sea Garden in ocean
Salt Air Coral Bloom in seafoam
Walk in the Woods Circle Stripes in cloud
Free Spirit Designer Solid in dark coral
Modern Meadow Herringbone in pond
Salt Air Tiny Bubbles in coral
Riley Blake Basics solids in seafoam
Deer Valley lodge lattice in azure
Salt Air Sea Garden in coral

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

9 year old artists

Now that I'm home again from a short trip I'm rarin' to go on my WIPs.

My DD is having a fundraiser at the school where she teaches. She had the idea that I would make a quilt. No, it's not like that, I'm joking. The kids in her Grade 3 class would make the squares, and I would put them together. Then we decided to include two other Grade 3 classes. So I came home to 61 squares. Here they are:

The drawings are just amazing! I know I couldn't do so well if someone said to me "draw a penguin" (they love penguins).
We used Sharpies on white squares 6 " finished.

Pros  for the Sharpies:
they fit our budget
they come in a large range of colours
they are indelible

Cons for the Sharpies:
They are indelible, and if you got some on your clothes they would be, but would the colours stay where we put them?

I've done everything I can to set the colours. First a hot iron. Then I bought some Retayne, and following instructions I put some squares in hot water. Horrors. The water was turning light yellow. The first batch shed a little ink, and the outlines of the pictures turned fuzzy, instead of very crisp. This is a lot of stress. Imagine 61 little kids looking disappointed, not to mention their parents. That is a large group.
Finally I got into a groove with warm water, less colour loss, and no dramatic changes. Then I ironed them again. Phew!! Relief! They still look great.

Now I'm sashing them together, here are the first few rows:

The sashing is a sort of jungle print, in keeping with our wildlife theme.

And after that my other WIPs seem a bit tame (pun!), so more about them on another post.

Linking to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. I'm going there now to browse the fantastic things everyone is making.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Liebster Award, thank you, thank you!

Recently I learned that Mary Frances of Outside the Line has awarded my blog a Liebster Award.
So I did what anyone would do, I shrieked with joy and did the happy dance! After that I Googled Liebster to see who Ms or Mr Liebster was. Not so. It is a German word meaning favourite or beloved   and so the award is given to five of your favourite blogs. The blogs you choose to award should have less than 200 followers, with the idea that you will be showcasing a new blog to your readers and then they pay forward the award (after you tell them about it!) to another five of their favourite ‘small’ blogs. The love goes on and on.
So thank you, Mary Frances, I am very honoured.

Now, if I have an obsession...OK, I have several, one is reading blogs. It is very hard to choose only five out of them all to tell you about and pass the award along. If any of these blogs have more followers, or have already received the award, my apologies. Recognition is always good, though, right?

Here goes, in random order:

1.A Labour of Love  not just quilts, but lots of other lovely projects too.

2. A Sometimes Quilter    It's always fun reading Kate's blog. I love her quilts.

3. Deb Rowden's Thrift Store Quilts  Deb was a real inspiration when I started making a memory quilt. I like the idea of "upcycling", not to be confused with recycling!

4. Katie Mae Quilts  Kate does amazing quilting, see her Swoon blocks.

5. Patchwork Duck Designs Nicole makes wonderful quilts in fantastic colours

I hope you will visit these blogs, you're gonna love them!

Till next time,