Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Liebster Award, thank you, thank you!

Recently I learned that Mary Frances of Outside the Line has awarded my blog a Liebster Award.
So I did what anyone would do, I shrieked with joy and did the happy dance! After that I Googled Liebster to see who Ms or Mr Liebster was. Not so. It is a German word meaning favourite or beloved   and so the award is given to five of your favourite blogs. The blogs you choose to award should have less than 200 followers, with the idea that you will be showcasing a new blog to your readers and then they pay forward the award (after you tell them about it!) to another five of their favourite ‘small’ blogs. The love goes on and on.
So thank you, Mary Frances, I am very honoured.

Now, if I have an obsession...OK, I have several, one is reading blogs. It is very hard to choose only five out of them all to tell you about and pass the award along. If any of these blogs have more followers, or have already received the award, my apologies. Recognition is always good, though, right?

Here goes, in random order:

1.A Labour of Love  not just quilts, but lots of other lovely projects too.

2. A Sometimes Quilter    It's always fun reading Kate's blog. I love her quilts.

3. Deb Rowden's Thrift Store Quilts  Deb was a real inspiration when I started making a memory quilt. I like the idea of "upcycling", not to be confused with recycling!

4. Katie Mae Quilts  Kate does amazing quilting, see her Swoon blocks.

5. Patchwork Duck Designs Nicole makes wonderful quilts in fantastic colours

I hope you will visit these blogs, you're gonna love them!

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