Friday, March 21, 2014

Creamsicle is finished!

I put on a burst of speed and finished this mega quilt. I'm even a week ahead of schedule to take it to its new home.

I had hoped for some nice outdoor shots, but it's snowing again! Perhaps I'll get them at its new home, if the weather is better there.

This quilt was started right after Christmas, inspired by this block. I used about 30 low volume prints, very little from stash. At least I have a bit in my stash now! All the low volumes are white, grey, or ivory tones. I steered away from any tan. About half of the coloured fabrics came from stash, so we can't really count this quilt as a stashbuster!

I made the quilt in 4 sections for ease in the quilting. The front is a little directional , and the back is completely directional, so I had to be careful joining them together. The zigzag border was an added problem. I suppose I could have joined the quilt and put it on last, but I chose to do it on each section. That meant having the corner in the right place and allowing for the joining rows so that I had the zig going the right way. I don't know if I'm being clear, there was quite a lot of thought involved!

Here are some pics of the quilting: I outlined each star and diamond, and straight line quilted within them as well. Wavy FMQ lines in the squares between. The zig zag has a vine and leaf pattern along it, it's quite hard to see.

Here are a couple of pics showing the back. I love it! You can see where the joins are, and the quilting can be seen too.

Quilt stats:

size after washing -  92" x 100"
binding -  wonky black and white stripe from stash
backing - Ikea

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