Saturday, April 12, 2014

Triangle Quilt Along

I love the look of triangle quilts, so when I saw this quilt along hosted by The Sassy Quilter I couldn't resist. I chose fabrics from my stash in my favourite colours:

Then I cut them into LOTS of triangles:

Still all was going according to plan. Then I started laying out rows on the design wall. Larger of course, I always make everything larger. But, oh no, it didn't look good. In fact I hated it. 

Now I can freely admit that I have a love/hate relationship with choosing fabrics. I love the idea, but I don't think I'm good at it So frustrating. It never looks original and eye catching like others I see.

So I looked at the Flickr page for the Triangle Quilt Along to see how everyone else was doing. You should look, there are some stunning fabric combinations. I can honestly say, I liked everyone's quilt better than mine! I tried to see why, and I think it is because I'm drawn to bright saturated colours and the eye needs a bit of a rest from this. It was nearly all mediums. Even the greys were still mediums. The dark turquoise and dark red helped, but I wanted some lights. I don't have any pale florals, in fact I have very few florals at all. So I pulled out a white crosshatch and cut enough to put two blocks in each row. I also added a print with a white background.

Here is the result:

 Unbelievably better! I wish I had a "before" picture to show. I'm amazed at the difference.

I would be pleased to hear any ideas to better my fabric choices. I've read lots of theory, but it seems that trial and error is my way to learn!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pottering Along

I've posted about my Harry Potter Bookshelf quilt lots of times. It's not my oldest WIP, but I'm determined to get it finished very soon.
The blocks are 10 inches, so I'm doing 6X6 with a row on top of the bookcase, and feet at the bottom.

When I counted my blocks, I'm really close, another two blocks should do it.

Here are my latest blocks:

(you have to be a bit of an HP fan to get what they are!)

A framed picture of Dumbledore

Mad Moody's Eye

The Sorting Hat

A Howler

It was my month in the Stars in Their Eyes bee, so I asked for blocks for this quilt. My Bee-mates were awesome!

I can't wait to start laying out these blocks!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Creamsicle is finished!

I put on a burst of speed and finished this mega quilt. I'm even a week ahead of schedule to take it to its new home.

I had hoped for some nice outdoor shots, but it's snowing again! Perhaps I'll get them at its new home, if the weather is better there.

This quilt was started right after Christmas, inspired by this block. I used about 30 low volume prints, very little from stash. At least I have a bit in my stash now! All the low volumes are white, grey, or ivory tones. I steered away from any tan. About half of the coloured fabrics came from stash, so we can't really count this quilt as a stashbuster!

I made the quilt in 4 sections for ease in the quilting. The front is a little directional , and the back is completely directional, so I had to be careful joining them together. The zigzag border was an added problem. I suppose I could have joined the quilt and put it on last, but I chose to do it on each section. That meant having the corner in the right place and allowing for the joining rows so that I had the zig going the right way. I don't know if I'm being clear, there was quite a lot of thought involved!

Here are some pics of the quilting: I outlined each star and diamond, and straight line quilted within them as well. Wavy FMQ lines in the squares between. The zig zag has a vine and leaf pattern along it, it's quite hard to see.

Here are a couple of pics showing the back. I love it! You can see where the joins are, and the quilting can be seen too.

Quilt stats:

size after washing -  92" x 100"
binding -  wonky black and white stripe from stash
backing - Ikea

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Uh Oh!

As I was saying in my last post, I'm hard at work on this quilt. I've almost finished quilting half of it.  This is the third quarter. I spent two days putting rows together and making and putting the border on. It wasn't until last night that I noticed the mistake in the rows! No matter how I change it, there's a fair bit of seam ripping to be done. I've been going with "controlled random" for the background squares. After re-arranging the rows, it will be more like true random!

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Do you make these crazy mistakes sometimes?

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Quarter Quilt

I've been sewing hard since Christmas. With the weather so cold and snowy, I had a good excuse to stay in my sewing corner!

I couldn't help myself, I started another quilt. I know, I know, what about all those WIPs??Well, there are only about 5, no 6, better make that 7, waiting to be finished.  But when the idea strikes, you just have to roll with it.

I caught a glimpse of a quilt block on Happy Quilting that Melissa made back in May for the Between Heaven and Texas blog hop. You can see it here. I made some changes to suit my plans, and here is the result:

I'm happy with it so far. I guess I will need about 36 stars and 36 diamonds. I've made over 20 of each, so I'm moving along quite well. The zigzag border was an accident when I made dozens of HSTs with the aqua and background instead of dark grey. I really like the result.

I'm planning QAYG in four pieces. I'll get back to you on how that goes!

This month in our online Bee, Becky asked for Arkansas Traveler blocks in rainbow colours with low volume grey background.

They were a lot of fun to make, using the tutorial from Lee at Freshly Pieced, found here
The block is pieced and then the background is paper pieced in, giving a lovely precise result. Unless, like me, your printer messes up the block size without warning. 

Here are the blocks, the right size now!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Finishing up in 2013

That's both finishing sewing projects and finishing the year. Incredible isn't it? I've already got plans for some quilts for next year, and took advantage of a fabric sale this morning at Fabric Spot. It's a Canadian business with modern fabrics. They offer great shipping rates, and an order of over $100 ships free in Canada. Need I say that I took advantage of this? My Christmas present to myself! And for the next few days you can get 25% off your whole order. That's the icing on the Christmas cake!

Anyway, I digress. Today I finished another baby quilt, this one is for my niece's baby boy who is due in February. I felt like a change and on the advice of my friend Lisa, I made the Giant Starflower Block from the tutorial by Jeni at In Color Order . The squares to make the HSTs are cut at 18" and then cut on the diagonal. I did all this, and then found that the quilt was going to be much too big, so I cut all the triangles down again. I now have enough triangles cut to make another 3 quilts!

The new size square is 12 3/4", not a convenient size to cut, I agree. Next time I would just cut with a
 12 1/2" square ruler.

The quilt measures 45" square, a convenient size for a baby, I think. The tutorial finished at 68" square, quite a difference.

The binding is scrappy, since I had so much left over fabric! It's backed in turquoise minky.

I got carried away with the FMQing. I've been watching the Angela Walters classes on Craftsy, this time the class on Quilting Negative Space. Of course, you learn something every time. Well, lots of things really, but there is always one hard lesson.  I started with the white areas, and really I should have started in the middle and worked outward. Anyway, it came out right. Relief!

Here are some closeups of the different quilting patterns I used:

Paisley in the background. It's not white, it has a faint green dot.

Wiggly lines:


Meander with loops:

I also tried two designs I liked less ( or made a worse job of, take your pick!) A meander with double loops really depended on ending the second loop in the same place as the first. It was hard to see. I also tried combining swirls with a pointy leaf. Let's just say the leaf didn't look very leafy.

Here's the quilt showing a bit of the back:

Also, I put on a burst of speed , ha!, and finally made my block Perennial Pleasures into a cushion cover.  
I had intended it to back it with some hand piecing I did. Let's just say that hand piecing is not my forte and leave it at that!

I'm glad it's done and in use at last.

So to all my quilty friends, have a very Happy Christmas and enjoy yourselves with your families. I've loved reading all your blogs, and I look forward to much more in 2014.

Best Wishes, and see you in 2014!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Crafting

I thought I would share my recent Christmas projects with you. Christmas is so rapidly approaching, so I was glad that I joined the Advent Calendar Quilt Along at Better Off Thread. There is a link up with pics of finished calendars here . They all looked so pretty!

Here's a picture of mine, now in use. Since it's intended for a baby this year, it was hard to find things that were small enough, but still suitable for an 8 month old. This will be much easier in years to come!


The same baby also needed a Christmas stocking. I used a tutorial on Sew Like My Mom and made the fabric for front and back from 2 1/2 inch squares. It is not quite finished - I still need to embroider the name on the cuff.

Then I thought I would make a Christmas pillowcase for each of my GDs. Well, they are winter themed really, so they will get more use out of them. The fabric line is Brr by Laurie Wisbrun. I have quite a bit in my stash, so it was finally time to cut into it!

I've still got a few more small sewing gifts to make, and then I'll start baking. Are you making some things for Christmas?

Till next time,


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