Sunday, July 5, 2015

Super sized!

You probably think I've sold my sewing machine and taken up scrapbooking.

I've been sewing, and just to prove it, here is my latest finish. It's called Double Crossed 2, how's that for an imaginative name?! I was so happy with my first quilt using this pattern. Here is its picture:

Sadly this queen size quilt didn't fit DD#1's king size bed. So I decided to change the colours and make another. I delivered it today!

Here is a closer look at some of the fabrics I used:

I based the colours on a Joel Dewberry print. Some of my favourites were by Zen Chic. The sashing is a handwriting print by Jennifer Sampou from the line Color Full. I used quite a few fabrics from that line. The backing is an Art Gallery print called Luxe in Bloom, wild and colourful!
The binding is grey and white Doe.

I wasn't so sure about my colours, but now it's finished and I've seen it on the bed, I'm very happy! I quilted it myself on the rental longarm. I'm getting better at that with practice.

I've been busy with other sewing too. More about that next time!


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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Truly Scrappy

I'm excited to be able to say that I've finished my scrap quilt. It is surprising that I managed to keep up the momentum and keep plugging away at it, instead of putting it aside and starting a new project! When you start doing the math, there is a considerable amount of work using up those scraps. Each block is made up of 4 sections and each section uses two strips of scraps. When I needed 8 more blocks, I needed 64 strips of scraps. At that point the strings that I sewed together to subcut were getting longer and longer, and so there was less variety in my last 8 blocks. I put them together carefully without repetition and scattered them throughout the whole quilt. I know they must be there somewhere, but I can't see them!

  The backing is from stash. I had enough of the paisley to back the whole thing, but I wanted to use the dark red fabric, so that went in too, as well as a small piece of teal background koi. It's just to make me smile!

As I commented in my last post, I'm determined to do all my own quilting now, so I rented time on the long arm, and went for it! It took a whole day - this quilt is BIG, 92" x 106" - and my back was sore when I finally finished, but it feels good to be successful.

Here's a close up of my quilting, I did an all over swirly pattern with double loops, and a sort of flowe in the white diamond areas. There are 56 of those, just saying! 

The binding is also from stash, a stripe in the main colours, red, pink, aqua and white. Just perfect!

I will finish with a pic of my new favourite on the bed, with a peek of the backing. Yay for a finish!!!

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