Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here it is, my first post!

Hi everyone! 

This is my first post, drumroll and trumpets!  I'm already several hours at the computer setting up the page and I'm sure there'll be changes, so I hope you are tolerant.

What makes me think I can talk to you about quilting?  I'm no expert, perhaps I have the same problems and questions as you do. Maybe we'll both find out the answers along the way. Let's experiment with different styles and get out of our colour and pattern comfort zone. Interesting things will happen, some good, some not so.

I started quilting 2 1/2 years ago, but I've been sewing for many years. And I love (bold print, underlined!) fabric!  A quilt store feels to me like a candy shop, and I just must have one more piece! I plan projects, and then something I see inspires me to start a collection of fabric for another project. Sometimes I come across collections in my stash and I can't remember what the plan was. I blush to say this!  Good thing I also love scrap quilts.

So that's my background. Tomorrow I'll start talking about some of my projects. It's good to meet you!

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