Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas is coming!

Yikes! I'm really behind.  I did a lot of gift certificate gifting this year, so I should feel on top of things. Trouble is, gift certs seem rather impersonal to me, so I wanted to add something to each one.
We're having a family dinner on Christmas Eve with DD#1. In addition to food, I thought I'd make a little gift for each family there. It adds up to 5.

I saw a cute pattern for a hot pad here.

Here's my first attempt:

It's really stiff, 5 layers. Not bad, but a little bit wiggly round the edge.

Second attempt:

Better, but I haven't sewn down the binding yet. Lets not get ahead of ourselves!

Third one. Now I'm getting confident. And while trimming the top four layers, ready to bring the binding over from the backing, I actually thought: "Wouldn't it suck if I cut into the backing?"
And, hey presto!

So now I've got to trim it all, and put on binding separately. And do you want to know something funny?

These hot pads are a 60 Minute Gift !!! To wrap, maybe. For me to sew, not so much!

To all my blogging friends, have a very Happy Christmas! We'll get together again after the holiday.

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  1. you are doing fine xx just remember ...have fun xx

  2. You sound like me! Well, they look wonderful so that must make them worth the time!

  3. Oh the irony! Oh well, no-one's expecting the hotpads if you don't get them done!

  4. I want to learn how to do that braided pattern.
    My daughter bought me the Braid in a Day pattern with tool by Eleanor Burns but I've not had the time to really check it out yet.
    I think your hotpads look great.
    One year all the women...and one man each got a set of 2 hotpads from me.
    This year the women are getting my first attempts at making crochet topped towels---the guys are getting hot chocolate packets in a Christmas mug.
    I really had hoped for a lot more hand made gifts this year.

  5. In keeping things simple somehow adding that extra brings it back to complicated! ;^)

  6. Those hotpads will be lovely! And I agree with the 60 minute gift wrapping comment. This year I started using old 100% wool sweaters as pot holder batting. I find them easier to sew, and they insulate much better, also they burn less than cotton.

  7. The hotpads look great! Sometimes I wonder about the estimated time people put on tutorials and that sort of thing - everything always seems to take me ages, and I don't think I'm going excessively slow. (I am easily distracted though, so who knows..)

    Anyway, they do look wonderful!


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