Monday, April 29, 2013

Bath Time

It is that time in my daughter's life when she and many of her friends have babies or small children. Such a magical time. And with those babies come baby showers. We thought of the hooded towels that I last made when my granddaughters were babies (they are now 9 and 6 years old).

So I tried to remember how I made them, and the first one was for my new little grandson.


Pretty unadorned, right? You are seeing the inside of the towel and the front of the hood.

Next up was the baby shower for this same little guy.


You are seeing the towel back this time. Conclusion: hood too big, letters a bit small.

Then I made one for my DD to take for her high school BFF who is expecting a boy.


I thought this one was successful, a better hood, better letters. It's really more teal than in the picture.

Then we went to a little boy's birthday, so I made one for him.

I'm sorry it's such a poor picture. It's a lovely royal blue with a cute print for the letters.
Conclusion: the hood is much too big. Wonder if I can ask for it back to fix it?

Lastly, another baby shower. This towel is microfibre, not cotton toweling.
Pros: beautiful colour, lovely soft feel, doesn't snag
Cons: I'm not sure how well it will dry the baby, we'll have to try one. My sewing machine didn't like it and the applique was more difficult to handle.


I've improved with the font for the letters, and I really like the look of the lower case letters.

As with all things, I improved with practice. If there are more babies, bring it on! I'm on a roll!

Till next time,



  1. You are on a roll! They are all fabulous!

  2. You are awesome! Tommy and I love the baby towel you made for our little guy on the way! Carly :)


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