Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Add a few more groups of 3 letters to that blog title!  I'm inspired by the Swoon 2013 group to pull out my quilt and make a huge effort to get it finished.

Here it is at present, still in thirds while being quilted.

There are three 24" blocks, twelve 16" blocks, and six 12" blocks.

So what was my plan 18 months ago when I started this monster? I wanted an alternative to the pattern layout of 3 x 3, (or 4 x 4 to make my size). I thought different size blocks would be interesting to look at. I also thought that QAYG would suit these blocks. Though you can't see it in this picture, each block is quilted in matching thread. I planned to have one of the large blocks in the centre, one top left, and one bottom right.

I got held up trying to put the sections together. Let's face it, I was scared of the process! So many strips of white, all different sizes. A big jig saw puzzle, really. So I procrastinated.

Finally I got it all out, and started measuring and sewing pieces together. Here's what I learned:

When trying to fit together different size blocks, it helps if the numbers divide into each other evenly. 12 and 24 was good, 16 was a headache.

When working with white, make careful note which one it is. They are not the same! All my dividing strips are Kona White, and in some of the blocks. Others are in either Bella White or Bella Snow, I'm not even sure. Big difference!

Also, you can see any coloured thread that strayed onto the batting through the white.

I don't need to be afraid of QAYG, it's working out fine. I'm using the method that Mari of The Quilting Edge shows on her blog.

And importantly, I still love the fabrics and the blocks!

Now I have some larger sections of white between the blocks to quilt. The widest of these is 8 inches. I signed up for the Craftsy class taught by Angela Walters for Quilting Feathers. I only have a domestic machine, it's a Brother with a wider throat. Each of my quilt sections is now 35" x 98", so it is possible to wrestle it all through. I'm nervous, I admit. All that work, not to mention expense. There have been some problems, to be honest. One section was taken out twice, and that's not easy. I had to change the needle and the thread. I hope I'm on top of it now. Here's some of my progress so far:

I'm pretty happy with how this looks. Hope the rest goes smoothly!

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  1. Your blocks are so beautiful! Love your colors!!

  2. Beautiful quilt. I can't wait to start my swoon quilt.

  3. Yes, I notice it wasn't too hard to put mine together because my blocks were 8/16/24 - but throw in a twelve, in my case, and the math would have been harder! It's looking good! Maybe I should dig out my Swoon soon!

  4. What an interesting take on the Swoon! I love it! Your quilting is just perfect :)

  5. Wow, you're doing great and I love the quilting.

  6. This is an impressive undertaking! All the work is gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful! I cannot wait to see the finished product! I love that you are making them all different sizes! Visually I am loving it!

  8. Your Swoon quilt is just stunning. I am on block #9.I like what you did.

  9. I love that you used different size blocks and your fabric choices are beautiful! The quilting is awesome, too! Great job!

  10. as long as you are learning from your experinces xx looks wonderful so the hard work is paying off x

  11. I absolutely love your quilt with the different sizes of blocks!!

  12. Gosh that swoon looks lovely! I'm excited to see the big reveal when it's complete. Your quilting looks gorgeous!


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