Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Uh Oh!

As I was saying in my last post, I'm hard at work on this quilt. I've almost finished quilting half of it.  This is the third quarter. I spent two days putting rows together and making and putting the border on. It wasn't until last night that I noticed the mistake in the rows! No matter how I change it, there's a fair bit of seam ripping to be done. I've been going with "controlled random" for the background squares. After re-arranging the rows, it will be more like true random!

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Do you make these crazy mistakes sometimes?

Till next time



  1. Yes! Sometimes it's easy to miss the bigger picture when you're concentrating on the smaller details.. I love this quilt; it's going to be fabulous!!

  2. I hate when this kind of thing happens! It can be a real spirit-buster. Hopefully it will work out just fine for you without too much heartache.

  3. I love it - and love your colors! I want to do a quilt in those colors.

  4. Ah sew rippers are a quilters best friend. Looks gorgeous and definitely worth ripping those seams to get it right.

  5. I looked at your photo and thought "Oh! I like the random two alike lined up instead of a symmetric pattern." Here I thought it was what you were intending all along, and I was enjoying it :-)


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