Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More haste!

More haste, less speed. That's what my mother used to say, and I suppose there's a bit of truth in it. So I hope that my rush to create this quilt doesn't backfire!

I finished Flower Fairyland for my older granddaughter, she's 7, and booked a flight to Vancouver Island for a visit. I guess I supposed I could say to her 5 year old sister, "I'm working on yours, it will be here soon". OK, OK, I get it now; as my son says, "They live in the moment".

My flight is on Aug 24th, and we are moving house this weekend. I still haven't packed a box, but I have been piecing the quilt top!

Luckily, the plans for the quilt have been in my head for months. I've been collecting the fabric, I bought some of it during my recent trip to San Francisco.

It's to be mermaids and things related to the ocean. My son and his family have moved to a house very near the beach, so Miss E has a big interest in ocean life.

Here are the fabrics I started with:

I decided to use a pattern called Framed Rectangles from MaryQuilts, and fussy cut the mermaids, and seahorses for larger rectangles, and sharks, crabs, beach and ocean bottom for the smaller rectangles.
Now what to use for bordering the rectangles? I had 3 fabrics, and needed 4.

Here's my first try. I don't like it. The pink is more of a pale rose. From my stash, too easy!

So it's off the my LQS. The first thing I saw is this one, perfect!


Wouldn't you think these 2 dots were the same line? They're not though, one is Michael Miller and the other is Riley Blake.

Now I want one more. This is what I decided on with a lot of discussion. At first I didn't think so, but it grew on me. I guess I won't really know until the quilt is put together, and by then it will be too late!


                                   Here are the blocks laid out. I'll be moving them round a lot.

Now for the border(s). Any ideas? I've got plenty of most of the fabric. I thought the seaweed. Trouble is that it is directional. Seaweed doesn't grow upside down or sideways, Miss E knows that! I've already taken a few blocks apart to get that seaweed growing upward!

Working name for the quilt is Under the Sea. You know, the cute song in The Little Mermaid. It's been running in my head as I'm piecing.

And you'll be able to call me the Midnight Quilter, to the tune of the Rolling Stones Midnight Rambler!

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  1. I really like how it's turning out!! Is there enough fabric to use the navy with seahorses on it for the borders? (The one in the picture above the blocks laid out on the bed.)

  2. Looks awesome Sue. No doubt Miss E will love it!

  3. I'm a little slow this week on my WIP comments--sorry!

    This quilt is looking so great! I love the orangey dots in both versions, and think you have a winner there. Does it need a border? I wonder if you could call it a day with how it looks on the bed? I'd be tempted to!

    Elizabeth E.

  4. Very very cute fabrics! Can't wait to see what you do with them! :)


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