Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From Yardage to Sandwich in 6 hours

Hi everyone!

This week has just flown by!

 My quilting group has a member who had surgery and now has to have chemo. What a rotten deal. We decided to make her a surprise quilt to take along for her appointments. She's coming to our regular Thursday meetings, so we arranged a special sewing day on Friday.

We had already decided on the quilt pattern, and on some of the fabrics. It was a tough job choosing 12 fabrics that everone agreed on.

We started with the cutting

Here we all are, ready to go! We don't look tired yet.

Now we're sewing the fabric into 9 " squares, each square is different.

We laid out the squares, there's lots of discussion about the best layout!

And here's what we decided on. Sandy and Melanie are looking a bit tired!  We did have coffee breaks and a pot luck , it wasn't all sewing!

I'm cutting the backing:

And here's the quilt top with its borders:

It looks great! We sandwiched the quilt, and everyone was ready for home. In a moment of madness I offered to quilt it. Believe me, I'm not very experienced, and I've spent some nervous time since then worrying about spoiling everyone's work.

Here's how our project looks after quilting:

Now it just needs the binding, Melanie is doing that, and it can go to its new home. I think it will brighten up chemo treatments!

Thanks to Lee at Freshly Pieced; why not check out all the other Wednesday WIPs. There are some wonderful projects!

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  1. What a gorgeous quilt! You guys are going to make her cry with gratitude for sure and cheer her up a lot.

  2. Hello, I've come here from Lily's. I look forward to following your blog

  3. I found your blog on Lily's small blog meet. What a great idea making the quilt together. And seriously, the quilting you did looks really good :)

  4. Visiting from the meet as well. I'll second the props on the quilting - you did a fabulous job - I am sure your quilt group friend will feel the love and support you all poured into it.. that's the best kind of quilt!

    Can't wait to see how your projects progress!


  5. What a lovely story. I'm sure that she will treasure this quilt forever, not only because it's beautiful, but because of the love of friends. Wonderful story!

    Elizabeth E.

  6. Hi I'm visiting from Lily's quilts too. This is a beautiful quilt and will be so much nicer than the awful hospital blankets they use at chemo. Now she'll be covered with Love :)


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