Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stampede, yeee haw!!

Hi everyone,

This week is the Calgary Stampede, and wherever you go in the city, there is some effect from the event, whether it is the many pancake breakfasts, activities everywhere or just the increase in traffic.

Friday was a big day, so we took a backpack and went downtown on the C-train for the parade. We were there at 8:30 in time for the Will and Kate drive past. Sadly, my camera blinked at that moment, but I did see a Royal arm waving and a cowboy hat!

I've been to other big parades, ours has an emphasis on beautiful horses and on heritage with stage coaches, old fashioned clothes and the like. I love all those kind of things, so I watched with a lump in my throat.

                                                         Here's our flag going by:

The nice young girls with a welcome banner, and a gorgeous Mountie!

My all time favourite, a pipe band. This is the Calgary Police:

I have Scottish heritage, and we lived in Scotland for years. I can tell you, men in kilts make me swoon! Sooo masculine!!

Here's a brave man!!

RCMP, don't they look amazing?

                                                    and not forgetting the Flames:

 After a couple of hours we had to rush home, we're selling our house, and we had a viewing. What terrible timing, but we have to be practical! A very enjoyable parade I must say!

It's also noticeable to me now that most of my pictures feature bright red, my colour!
Back to the quilting!!!

Until next time,


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  1. I'm jealous! Did you see William and Catherine?

    My favorite thing is the pipe band as well. We went to the Halifax Tattoo and my favorite parts were the pipes and drums.



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