Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stars in my Eyes

Since it's now February,( I know it's not the first anymore, but near enough), I'm looking back at what I accomplished last month. It seems like there is a let down after the activity and pressure of Christmas, and I coasted on that for a while. Now I'm gearing up again!

At the moment I'm all about stars. First, the Oh My Stars quiltalong. I'm running to keep up, so far I'm still about on schedule.

Here's a pic of my latest variations on the sawtooth star:

Those little guys are 4 inches square, with not much room for error in cutting or sewing. Several of these stars were rejected and re-sewn due to not enough contrast or placement mistakes. Sigh! On the whole, I'm enjoying making them, and I still like my fabrics!

Next up are the Swoon blocks. I laid then all out on a sheet the size of the finished quilt to get a sense of how they will play together.

This is what I've got in mind. My quilty friends have advised me to "just wing it" when trying to join them together. I was hoping for some more concrete advice than that! I've started the QAYG process on them, I'm going to use Marianne's method to join the blocks. So far I've quilted about 5 blocks, here's today's one:

It certainly beats wrestling a large quilt through a small sewing machine!

The quilting pattern came from here , the link was shared by Katie Mae Quilts.

I also made a laptop sleeve for my DD. Here it is, front:

and back, another star, I can't help myself!

How about you? What have you been doing?

I'm linking to Lily Quilts Fresh Sewing Day, and WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. There's so much great creativity for you to see at both those sites!

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  1. Really you've only been quilting for a few years?
    Nice job on your blocks!
    I love the name of your blog.....isn't it true, so addictive :0)

    Happy Sewing

  2. your swoon blocks are great! I love the fabrics you chose. And the 'blah' fabric for your DD's laptop sleeve it just too funny :)

  3. Love your Swoon blocks! That's going to be a fabulous quilt - great colour choices!

  4. Ok, I'm dying to see how this goes with Marianne's method. I put a baby quilt through my machine today, and while it wasn't fun, I can fit how that works in my brain. I'm going to have to take another look at how Marianne did that when my brain isn't fried from sewing ;-) Your blocks are really awesome!

  5. Beautiful Swoon blocks! I think your quilty friends are right. Just wing it! It will be beautiful no matter how you put them together.

  6. Love the second picture down:) Great colours!!! Look forward to see your next project! x

  7. I'm stopping by from the small blog meet and love your swoon blocks!! I really would love to do them, they look like a lot of fun. I will be following you for sure and would love for you to stop by my blog when you get the chance and have a look around. I hope your having a fantastic day. I can't wait to see how you put the quilt together.

  8. I found your blog through Lily's quilts and the small blog meet. I really like the fabric you used on the laptop sleeve. (Blah, blah!) So cute! I'm a new/small blog too.

  9. Hi there. I came over from the small blog meet. Isn't it great to meet new people through blogging? Happy quilting!

  10. I love all your stars! I'm a star junky myself. So impressed with all the different swoon blocks and sizes. Do you have a link or anything to instructions on how to make them smaller?

  11. I love your stars but am (almost) lost for words with your Swoon blocks. They look amasing and what a wonderful idea to mix it up like that :)

  12. Ann! We met the other day when you came into Addie's. I LOVE these bright and beautiful stars! Very inspiring.

  13. I am here, visiting from Mary-Francis' blog. Have loved your posts so far, but this one really blows me away. Your stars are awesome, but those swoon blocks, OMG! They are just gorgeous. Love the way you chose to join them together. You won't be disappointed.


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