Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh the Pain!

You will perhaps have noticed my comments about the Oh My Stars quiltalong that I'm following. The latest star to make is called Woven Star. There were warnings about bias edges, and using spray starch, and I thought "Yeah, yeah, I can do this". Well, we all know where pride goes, don't we?

So I cut really, really carefully, sprayed with starch, and started trying to put the block together. I knew how I planned the block to look, but every time I moved a few pieces to sew or press, it took me ages to organize them again.  Headache, and mental cursing. Chain piecing is out. Then I found the block was coming out a bit small, obviously my 1/4 inch seam was at fault. Out with the seam ripper!

Finally with a sigh of relief I assembled the block, pressed it, and found...I'm short in a couple of places and will lose the star points! Grrr!

Worst of all, I looked down the table at my quilt group, and saw that one of the members is sewing a quilt that is composed of the exact same star!  Completely by coincidence!   And she wasn't gritting her teeth, and the blocks looked beautiful.  See what I mean about being overconfident?!!!

Here's a pic of the offending block. I'm not sure there are going to be any more like this one in the quilt. Or should I take a deep breath and try again?

Till next time



  1. I am doing mine this weekend. I am good at cursing.... looks like I might be using a bit of it:) Keeping fingers crossed for me to get it done and for you if you decide to make more11

  2. Depends on how much you hate missing points...if you will see it screaming at you EVERY time... redo, if you can live with be it xx Good work for finishing xx

  3. Well, I'm only a beginner but I think it looks great! I love the fabric you've used, especially the teal-blue print.

  4. Oh dear, sorry it refused to comply!

  5. I would just consider it my "Amish" contribution to the quilt. As you likely know, the Amish believe that only God is perfect, so they purposely make a "mistake" in each of their quilts. Problem solved :-)


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