Monday, January 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday

There are two design walls (aka plastic tablecloths) in my room.

First are my Swoon blocks.

It's coming along quicker now since I joined the Swoon-along group on Flickr.
The link is on Katy's page here:

I'm not sure if you can get to the group another way. Anyway, there are nearly 450 members, and some wonderful pictures. Take a look, you'll be amazed how beautiful the blocks are, in all sorts of different fabrics and colours. What a pattern it is!

The problem is, (isn't there always a problem!), that I have 3 sizes of block, and no idea how I'm going to fit them together. Any ideas?

I took this picture of the layout plan

and according to this, I've got about 9 blocks still to do, and then a jigsaw puzzle.

Second design wall:
Oh My Stars quiltalong. See my sidebar for the button.
Here are my stars so far:

 These blocks are turning out well, but the problem here (!) is that I am at least 15 tiny stars behind, 5 in each star variation, and since there is the same amount of work in a little star as in a big one, I've got quite a task to catch up!

Fortunately, today is a free day, no pressing task, and it's cold out. Brr! So I'm going to stay in, and get to some of those little stars.

I'm linking to Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday

Till next time



  1. Wow Sue! I just love your work and your fabric choices; absolutely gorgeous :-)

  2. Stay warm today - brrr indeed! Your quilts are looking fabulous!

  3. Love that you have used the different sized blocks. Very courageous! I finished my first Swoon block yesterday. I too am on the Flickr group. There I am smalltown97038. I'll watch for followup pictures. Toni

  4. Where to start - love your Swoon blocks. Those are beautiful fabrics and that will be a great setting. Love your header- so vibrant! Happy stitching!

  5. Both your swoon and star blocks are great. That swoon pattern is so neat but three sizes, wow! Have fun with it and I hope you get lots of time to sew today.

  6. I love both of these blocks and I love combining the big and small blocks. I do have problems figuring out how they go together....enjoy the rest of your day!!

  7. Love the different sizes, but sorry, not a scooby on the arrangements!

  8. The Swoon blocks are just gorgeous. Also love the stars; it's all great!

  9. Love both your design walls. The swoon blocks are very pretty and the colors in your star blocks are just gorgeous. Good luck getting caught up on both projects.


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