Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Bee Block

Or that could be "maybe block": it's been so long since I posted. Well now I'm home from traveling, and getting better from the non-fatal ailments I caught, yay! So I hope to get my quilting moxie back and keep up with the posts.

I'm still working on my Oh My Stars quiltalong. All the blocks are made, and when it is put together I will devote a whole post to it on its own. After all those stars, it deserves a new post.

Meantime I completed the blocks for May for Sew.Bee.Create. We received 3 fat quarters of lovely Kona solids, and were to create a block that should be wonky. It was fun deciding what to do, and I chose a block from Modern Blocks. Strangely enough so did another member of the Bee, the very same block. What a coincidence!

Here is a picture of mine, I made 2 15" blocks, and added a few bits of my own solids.

Till next time,


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