Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New Look

Good morning everyone! Today is the first day of school after the summer holidays,and my granddaughters went out the door looking scrubbed, in their new clothes, and excited to see their friends again. One is in Grade 3, and her sister is in Grade 1. How did they get so big? It seems not long ago that their Dad was a little boy! I know, I know, everyone says this, but it's so true!

I've had a break from sewing while I've been here, so my son and I gave my blog a facelift. Doesn't it look nice? Much more what I was hoping for!

Here are pictures of my blocks for the 3x6 Sampler Bee ,it was a real learning experience!
The tutorial is here:
at Mad Quilters Disease

3x6 Bee 3rd Qtr 2012 for Karin 3x6 Bee 3rd Qtr 2012 for Krista 3x6 Bee 3rd Qtr 2012 for Peggy3x6 Bee 3rd Qtr 2012 for Jana 3 x 6 Bee 3rd Qtr 2012 my block 3x6 Bee 3rd Qtr 2012 for Courtney 3X6 Bee 3rd Qtr 2012 for Cynthia

As I made each block I liked it the best. Now, I like them all. Mine is red and aqua.

Hope you are having a great summer.

Till next time,



  1. Ahhh, all so pretty. And nice new blog, too!

  2. Great job on the overhaul, and love those blocks, amazing!

  3. Your blog looks great and those blocks are stunning! Red and aqua are 2 of my favorite colors.

  4. My goodness those blocks are pretty! I can't decide which one I like best!

  5. Wow, those blocks are amazing - they look like a lot of work! They are all beautiful, my fave is the last one :)

  6. Gorgeous blocks. My fave is the first, no the third, no... I can't decide!

  7. OMG! All of these blocks are gorgeous!


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