Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Celestial Finish

Today I finished a WIP that has been about 2 years in the works. It was nearly finished when I put it down to get involved in other more urgent projects.

I've stalled for a short time while making blocks for my 3 x 6 Bee. Needing something to do, I pulled out Celestial to see what was left to do. Not much! I had already quilted in the ditch around all the squares and stars. Each star centre had been FMQ'd too. All that was left was quilting the setting triangles with a meander, and putting on the binding.

The meander was soon done, it disappears into the swirls on the fabric. No worries about mistakes.

For the binding, I used the tutorial on the Red Pepper Quilts blog. Until now I've always sewn down the back of the binding by hand. Now I'm a convert to machine stitching the whole binding. It made a nice neat job, it's strong, and best of all, it's fast! In keeping with the bright colours in this quilt I used a lovely bright aqua with a gold stripe across the width of the binding.

Now I see Celestial finished I wonder why I put it down for so long? It has everything I like: bright colours, suns, moons, stars, solemn cats, fantasy flowers and so on. I'm so glad it got finished!

Hope you are enjoying summer weather!

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  1. Beautiful! I haven't tried Rita's binding method yet, but have heard only great things about it! I'm still slogging along at doing it by hand!

  2. Congrats on finishing a long term WIP! Isn't that a great feeling? I'm glad the machine attached binding worked for you.

  3. Beautiful quilt! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  4. Congrats on the finish. I should pull out some of my almost finished WIPs and get on it. I think I'll always sew the binding down by hand because I enjoy that step so much but am glad you found a method you like better.


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