Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Finish!

At last, my first finish of 2013! Never mind that this quilt was a WIP for 2, or was it 3 years.
It's all set, and ready to snuggle a baby.

I outline quilted around the owls and around the eyes and bellies. They puffed out a little bit, and looked so cute, I didn't think they needed more quilting.

Here's the back, a lovely soft minky in just the right colour and pattern.

I'm at a quilt retreat this weekend, and looking forward to tackling some of my huge pile of WIPs. I don't think I'll come home with an actual finish, but I should be a lot nearer!

Till next time,



  1. Too cute! I can just picture a baby happily snuggled in this quilt!

  2. I love those owls! It looks perfect for snuggling a baby. :o)

  3. That's absolutely adorable! Thanks for linking up.

  4. Love your owls quilt! And the backing IS perfect! Good luck in the Quilting Gallery Show and Tell this week!



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