Monday, June 10, 2013

Retreat Production

I'm just back from a wonderful quilt retreat at a lodge on the Bow River. Four nights and four full days, wonderful food and lots of laughs with  a great group of quilters. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when your only responsibility is to sew an accurate 1/4 inch seam!

I took one new project, a quilt top for my DD. I would have finished the top, except I ran short of one of the fabrics. By only a few inches, grrr! So I'm a row of blocks shorter than I planned until we get a bit more.

This is a poor picture of the block, taken while ordering from the quilt store.  Framed boxes - the focus fabric is above, a very pretty swirl. I ran short of the background of the lower box.

I took several UFOs with me. My Swoon quilt has been sitting around waiting for me to finish it. This is the month to do it! I handed myself a couple of real challenges with this quilt. Not content with the Swoon block, I resized it into small, medium and large blocks, without thinking how hard that would be to put together. I also chose this as my first (and only, so far) attempt at Quilt As You Go.


These are the blocks I worked on, four medium and three small. All sandwiched and quilted. Next they have to be squared up and joined together. A  task for another day!

I'll save the rest of my sewing for another post.

Till next time,



  1. A quilt retreat sounds like so much fun!!
    I love your swoon blocks with gorgeous fabrics and great color combinations!
    Not fun to get stalled out on your project because of fabric shortage! Sometimes it's hard for me to get back to those UFOs.

  2. Annoying to run out of fabric so close to a finish. Your quilt looks great, though, and hopefully you'll get more soon. Your swoon blocks are also lovely :)

  3. Ooh, I love the quilting on the Swoon! I might have to steal that. ;)

  4. How frustrating to run out of fabric so close to the end :-( Your swoon blocks look amazing!

  5. Would you mind sharing your measurements? I love this lock but it's much too big!

  6. Would you mind sharing your measurements? I love this lock but it's much too big!


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