Monday, September 9, 2013

Super Tote!

It's no secret that I LOVE tote bags! My family likes to tease me because I keep my quilting projects separated in tote bags lined up in one corner of my sewing/living room. A real bag lady! I also like a tote for when I travel. It has to be large with lots of pockets, and must fit under the airline seat in front of me. Let others fill the overhead bins with huge wheelie bags, - when I want my ereader, or my snack, I don't even have to get up!

My previous bag for this purpose was Noodlehead's Nikki tote, blogged about here in Feb 2012.
When I saw the new Noodlehead pattern for the Super Tote, I knew it was perfect for me.

I don't know about you, you are probably lots more sensible, but when I have a project calling to me, I want to start RIGHT AWAY! The Nikki tote suffered from this, as the fabric available to me in home decorator weight was more a case of finding "I can live with it" rather than " I love it".

I prefer my bags to be in heavier fabric because I'm always lugging heavy stuff onto the plane. Don't ask, it's quite a variety! From yards of fabric, vintage T shirts, to Sudoku books. So when I had the opportunity to choose some fabric for the Super Tote from Terry's Fabrics in England, I gave the task my full attention. I knew I wanted 100% cotton, and then I wallowed in all the lovely colours and designs in home decorator weight.

I'm not a terribly experienced bag maker, and the pattern is quite lengthy, but it all goes together beautifully. I started cutting on Thursday, and finished on Monday. Oh ,and life went on as well in that time!

Here's the front:

The back:

This is the gusset, one of my favourite parts:

Inside the bag, showing the recessed zipper and the elasticized pockets:
The front again showing the front pocket open:

Lastly, here's how it will look being carried. Isn't it pretty?!!

I was in a real rush to finish this bag, I will be travelling in less than a week.
Next time I will put two inside zip pockets in the lining above the elasticized pockets.
I would also have liked a magnetic clasp holding the front pocket closed. Instead I used a large old fashioned snap fastening. It works fine!

The fabric is
Charnwood  mimosa
Bowden mimosa
and Dotty in smoke

all are from

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  1. the bag is WONDERFUL!! I love it and I love the colours! Great job!

  2. it looks wonderful .. was it the free fabric you had? I had some wonderful fabric from them x fav has ducks and chickens xx

  3. For someone who says they're 'not an experienced bag maker' - this is truly delicious! All the extra details and fanciness - it's terrific :)

  4. What a beautiful bag and the fabrics are awesome!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  5. It turned out awesome! I'm in the process of making two more for friends and planning a third for later this year--I love the bag and the pattern.

  6. Oh wow this is awesome! I love the fabric that you used. This tote is definitely going on my to-sew list!

  7. Hi! This is perfect bag! Just what I would need! x Teje


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