Friday, December 16, 2011

Are you in a joining mood?

Seems like there are some awesome groups to join that will be starting in the New Year. And at the moment I feel like when Christmas is over I will have loads of spare time to do lots of projects!
That may change, but I'm hopeful...

First up, Japanese +and x bock exchange.
You can see some of the blocks and discussion here on Flickr

Here's a pic of some of my first blocks. The exchange is in groups of 5, and the joy of it is that I will have someone else's fabrics to mix in with my familiar ones. Fun!!
The blocks are quick to make, and I cut the squares when I'm making other things, and have them separated in containers on my sewing table, ready to pull out.

Next is the Oh My Stars Quilt Along.

Oh My Stars! (A Quilt-Along)

Here's the plan of the finished quilt.

"Oh My Stars!" with border 

Isn't it great?!! I haven't made a single star yet, but I've spent happy time planning the fabric, and when it comes, I'll be sewing up a storm! I've decided on turquoise, coral and white in a mix of fabrics. Can't wait!

Lastly, I joined a Pay it Forward. Christmas seems like a good time of year to be thinking of this, passing on some joy to another.
Want to join me? The information about it is here.


  1. Heh, well you already know I'm in the x and + swap. Right now I'm feeling a tad stressed about all I'd like to do after Christmas, but I think once I've finished my Christmas list it'll be better...

  2. I think the pay it forward is a wonderful idea, I too will join but sorry it's not quilts that I make but pottery instead.


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