Friday, December 2, 2011

November revisited

Here's a photo collage, my first!, of the quilty things I made in November.

Sorry, I haven't figured out the little captions. One thing at a time!

So that is :

Two quilts
Four table mats
Six Christmas tablemats
Four Swoon blocks
Mug rug
Interlocking stars

Funny, it seemed like more when I was doing it.

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  1. Well hello. I came over from Lily's blog. Your swoon block looks great. I have 5 done now. So fun to make!

  2. That all looks wonderful! Great idea with the mosaic.

  3. That's a lot to me! Two quilts? Good golly! :) Your Swoon blocks and interlocking stars are faboo!

  4. I found you at Lily's, too. I love your swoon blocks - I'm glad that so many people enjoy traditional piecing; then I have more eye candy. I prefer winging it with my designs. I'll be happy to see your swoon quilt finished. Also, as I browsed through your posts, I find myself inspired by you little pine tree tablemats. I may have to work out a design for myself.

  5. Hi, I'm here through the Japanese x and + group, nice to meet you. If you want to get the whole mosaic with the captions, check out where it creates it all for you, you just put in the URLs or upload one :o)

    As for the makes, I'm swooning over all the Swoon blocks too!

  6. Katy beat me to the big huge labs recommendation :D they are really easy to use (Must be because I can use them!) Like everyone else I'm swooning over your swoon blocks, they are lovely!

  7. Like those other commenters, that's a ton of accomplishments. Even if you're home all day, how to get that much done!?! Wow. I also love the tree placemats. Makes me think that you make them in a sort of half log cabin style if you had a bunch of greens. hmmmm

  8. your swoon blocks are just gorgeous!

  9. It seemed like more???
    You've been a really busy bee in November!
    Don't be too harsh on yourself.
    Well done!

  10. Wow!! You have been busy!! Great Job!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs

  11. Ha ha another same-boat-person! :-) With all the helpful blogland dwellers around, hopefully we shall figure out the whole mosaic n' caption thingy by the next Fresh Sewing Day. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Three cheers for vibrant colours!!:-)

  12. Those blocks are so pretty!
    Thanks for linking to TN&TN

  13. WOW!!! You have been super busy. Absolutely love the swoon blocks.

  14. Came over from Lily's Quilts - wowsers, those Swoon blocks are amazing! I wish that my November was half as productive as yours! ;)

  15. You were busy in November! Great projects!


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