Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baby Quilt # 2 Finished

My last post showed you pictures of a baby quilt made using lots of low volume prints and white on white with a little Echo and some other brights.

I'm glad to announce that I've finished the second quilt too! The format is similar, Modernized D9P per the tutorial by Kristy Daum found here .

It's so much fun moving the blocks about to find the layout you like the best. I'm sure no two quilts could ever be the same.

 This time I used oranges and yellows from a charm square swap, a very little Kate Spain, and a  touch of Echo.

It's backed in white Minky, and I quilted it all over in a design called Paisley.

The border is an orange and white print from my stash, just perfect I think!

Here's the back showing the lovely soft Minky and the quilting.

Till next time,



  1. its lovely and so nice to see bright colours and not just the usual pastels .. Im sure babies like colour xx

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love modern baby quilts!

  3. Hi! I love your quilts! This baby quilt is most beautiful! Great design using so much white! x Teje

  4. Great fabric choices in this great quilt!


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