Sunday, December 1, 2013

Versatile D9P

I'm sure you all know that the title of this post refers to the Disappearing 9 Patch. It's a quilt block that can look very different depending on the layout you use.

While I was visiting my DS recently I saw one of my older quilts there. I don't know about you, but once a quilt leaves my house, I forget about it. And when I meet it again it's a bit of a shock. I think:

  1)  That looks quite nice
  2) How did I do that again?

The quilt I'm talking about was made in 2010, and I didn't take any pics of it. So I put that right.

This quilt is made from D9P blocks. I took a class, I knew nothing about it at all. The teacher advised me with the neutral coloured fabric, good advice I think!

The backing is a Mount Fuji print for my tree and mountain loving DS. I called the quilt Mountains of the Moon.

I FMQd it with a scrolly design using a stencil and chalk. Altogether a great learning experience.

Fast forward to this year. I made a little boy quilt featuring fussy cut truck fabrics, and the parents and I liked the D9P layout here:

I blogged about it here.

Then I read Kristy Daum's blog and tutorial on her Modernized D9P, and I made two baby quilts using her method as a guide. I wanted more low volume, so I added a number of 9 patches that were all neutrals, and no bright print at all. Here they are :


So there you have it. Four different looking quilts, all using the same block. I'm sure there will be more sometime.

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  1. isnt it fun to "find" a quilt you had forgotten about .. and how much better that it is still being used and loved xx well done x


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