Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bee Blocks for Stars in Their Eyes

This year I am busier than ever, so I cut my online Bee commitments down. The Bee I stayed with is so much fun that I hope we go on for years! There are 6 of us, and every month a different person chooses the block and the colours, and away we go! The wonderful thing is that you get to try out blocks and techniques that you would probably only have thought about before.

January we made the Arkansas Traveler block for Becky. It is partly paper pieced, and my pattern printed too small the first time. Yikes! I started again, and learned to be wary of the printing, even when you have unchecked all those pesky sizing boxes!

February was my month, and my bee mates made awesome blocks for my Harry potter bookcase. More about this soon, as the quilt is nearly finished. I'm just putting the binding on. Yay!

In March we made Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks for Brandy. I'd seen them on the web, but never tried it. They turned out great!

 Aren't they pretty? And all with the low volume fabric in the centre.

In April Susan chose a 3/4 log cabin in bright coloured solids. I had not seen this block before. It is so striking! The inspiration is found here

It will make such an amazing quilt! Here are my blocks

 Wow, this quilt will be stunning.

This month Lisa asked for the Mosaic Block, which is like the Economy block but with an extra diagonal portion. It is for a childrens quilt, so the centres are fussy cut with that in mind. The tutorial for this block is found here

Here are my blocks, (2) 14 1/2 inch blocks in 4 quadrants each. As Lisa said, the most time consuming part is choosing the fabrics. That was fun! Each quadrant has a fussy cut centre, a round of bright, a round of low volume, diagonals in a bright fabric and then corners in low volume. I enjoyed debating which fabrics to put where! I can totally see myself making another quilt with this pattern.

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  1. the blocks all look great .. I am cutting back ..slowly.. on my commitments x they get a bit addictive and before you know it you can get swamped! Hope to see you completed "Harr"y quilt soon x

  2. It's so pretty, seeing all of your bee blocks together! I love this fun group, too!

  3. I just love these all! And so excited to see the Harry Potter bookcase quilt. I'm making one right now too--such fun!!


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