Monday, June 2, 2014

Triangle Quilt finished!

Back in March  I joined the Triangle QAL hosted by Paula of

I had enthusiasm and determination, and before long I had cut a huge stack of triangles in my chosen fabrics. All was going really well. Then I started putting the triangles together, and oh, the disappointment! The pics of everyone else's triangles looked wonderful, but not mine. It was too late to scrap it all, so I added some lights and carried on.

Now the question of size came up, and since I am always afraid my quilts might be too small, I added triangles and rows and carried on.

Meanwhile those keeners in the QAL had their quilts sandwiched, quilted and bound by April 25th.

What do you mean it's June already? I finished at the end of May I'll have you know. A month behind, late to the party as usual. I feel like those sad runners who finish a week after everyone else, and looking like death. Never mind that if it was me they'd be tripping over my body. I digress...

I also had to make life difficult by binding the angles on the sides. Honestly, I wonder sometimes. Fortunately Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts posted a tutorial, and it went as planned. Yay!

As you can see it is straight line quilted on all sides of the triangles. That's a lot of stitching!
I'm happy with my finish, and it is taking up a home on my couch instead of being given away like most of my quilts. The colours and fabrics make me happy!

Quilt Stats:

size: 68" x 87"
fabrics: Seaside Cottage, Bluebird Park, Architextures, Secret Garden, Prince Charming, Brr, and some Kona Solids
Binding: Kona Steel

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  1. Well done - it looks awesome! I added rows and extra triangles to each row too to make a bigger quilt - bigger = better say!!

  2. well done you for keeping going and making a wonderful quilt .. being first is not all its cracked up to be .. so Im told! I think you did a great job xx

  3. You have created a lovely quilt and the border is great too

  4. You have created a lovely quilt and the border is great too

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous!!!!! Such a large one, too. See... you can't compare the finish of a baby quilt to a finish like this. I love the fabrics you chose - the aqua and red is striking! And that is a pile of quilting.... You should be so proud!

  6. It looks awesome! And I finished and linked up after you, so don't feel bad!

  7. Gorgeous!!! Love the way it turned out and it IS happy:) Glad you are keeping it for yourself. Totally worth those tricky edges!


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