Monday, June 20, 2011

Clutter,clutter everywhere

We've decided to move, so a major tidy-up is happening. It seems that most of my activities come under the untidy heading in everyone's minds except mine! Actually, truthfully, I have to admit I often have to search under piles of papers or fabric for essentials like, say, scissors. So a reorganization is due.
 Most of the quilting stuff has been put away, but just look at these books! This isn't all of them either. There are stacks beside my bed, and I've taken down a large oak double bookcase.
I'm a huge library user now, and I have an ebook reader, but these volumes are favourites that I'm just not willing to part with. When I last moved, the comment on every box was "this is heavy, I wonder what it could be? Oh, I know, books!!"

I'm looking into better storage for fabric in my new home. Any ideas are welcome. I see one quilter uses a cube system that I think is from IKEA.
This is what Melody uses, doesn't it look tidy? Oh if only I could make my stash look like this!

I'll keep you posted with my progress.

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  1. I hear you! We have lots of books, too, and I'm forever thinking I'll weed them out--but I like them! Since we're in the house a long long time, we had a wall bookcase built, and it's been really helpful. People who walk in our house always comment on "all our books." I like that!

    Elizabeth E.


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