Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fresh Sewing Day

                                                        Fresh Sewing Day

Today is the first day of June, and a chance to look back at the projects I worked on in May. This is an idea from Lily's Quilts, I love it! It's a chance to admire what other quilters have been making, and to reflect on my own quilting projects.

If there is a word to describe this month's quilting it would be "stalled", as in run out of gas during rush hour traffic!

My Flower Fairland quilt is still waiting for a half yd of fabric to finish the last 3 squares. The missing fabric is on the way, but if it doesn't come today or tomorrow it may get caught up in the threatened postal strike, oh dear. It could be stalled for a while. I've sashed about half of it, and that's as far as I can get.
Here's a picture of a few rows, as you see the centers of the blocks are 2 different shapes, so the sashing will deliberately not line up. I hope it looks OK when all put together, it's my own creation!

                                       These are pictures of some of my favourite blocks:

                                      Central Park is stalled too. Here's a picture of it so far:

        I've run out of the ivory background fabric, the quilt to date is 11 squares wide and 8 squares long. I calculate it should be 11 x 13, so lots more to do.

I'm also collecting fabric for an I Spy quilt, that should be a lot of fun to do! Here's a pic of one I saw at the Quilt Festival:

                           doesn't it look great?   Makes you want to play I Spy right away!

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  1. i've been collecting fabrics for an i-spy quilt. by the time i get them all my grandchildren will be all grown up!

  2. Oh, I love your Flower Fairland project!! I, too, am waiting for delivery of fabric to finish a project. ::drumming fingers:: :)

  3. WOW on that Central Park quilt. that is to die for!!

  4. I love the fairies! Those are beautiful. What a cool fabric.

  5. Beautiful! I'm a new follower, found you because you commented on my blog =D...can't wait for the I-Spy fabric swap either!!!! =)


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