Friday, June 3, 2011

Loving Laurel

I absolutely love Laurel Burch fabrics! Everything about them, the vibrant colours, the whimsical, child-like graphics, the enigmatic cats, the dreamy feel to the subjects. It completely delights me! And when my favourite quilt store gets in a new line, I'm asking myself not whether to get it, but how much, and in which colourway!

So I was delighted when I found a pattern in Fons and Parter's Spring 2011 Easy Quilts using my fabric, and oh joy, I had enough.  That's the quilt behind my blog title, and here is another picture of it:

I think the fabric is called Celestial Dreams. It's waiting for me to quilt it. I started, wasn't happy and took it out again, and now I'm waiting to get up courage to try again!

It surprises me to find that not everyone loves Laurel like I do. Both my daughters looked doubtful; too colourful for one, the other finds the drawings "almost like a cartoon". A quilting friend says that Laurel's designs affect people strongly one way or the other, there is no "oh I quite like it" about her work. I think that's the mark of a real artist.

Imagine my delight to find there is a new Christmas fabric coming out. It's called Holiday Celebrations and contains all the features I love in Laurel's fabrics. It can be found at the Fat Quarter Shop among other great fabric stores. Take a look, I hope you like it, but leave some for me!

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